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Teeka's birthing experience

Teeka was a great pregnant mom. She still continued to play and was affectionate. She ate well and drank more than normal. When she had her first baby Sunday morning, December 18 at 7:33, it scared her and she jumped up. Once she realized what was going on, she immediately began cleaning the kitten. The first born was the darker grey spotted female. About 30 minutes later, her breathing changed and she had another, then another, and then the last. Her entire labor and birthing lasted about 2 hours. She was exhausted and they all latched and nursed well.

Teekah was generous with allowing our family to look at her and the babies. We tried not to touch the babies when moving her, but she seemed content with us admiring them. She also didn't seem to mind for Charleston, (dad) to come and check them out. With supervision, after the first few days, he would come in and clean them and love on them. Now, a week and a day since they've been born, he will get in the bed with Teekah and love on them.

We are using the bottom of a travel crate for mama and babies to nurse and sleep. With blankets and a heating pad, it's definitely cozy. Mama spends 23 hours a day with the babies and the other hour making sure the house is in order. She has been such a good and careful mom.

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