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Meet the Parents



Teekah is our first Savannah, and her birthdate is 12/6/20. She is SBT F6 TICA registered. Her parents are Ozzie King and Harriet Ruth from Oklahoma City, and her grandfather is a snow Savannah. Teekah is very fit and active. She has impeccable spotting and piercing green eyes. Her hobbies include going outside on her harness, watching the birds if she's inside and playing with her younger friend, Charleston. She's such a cougar!


Charleston, aka Charlie, came into our life in March 2022.  He is SBT F7 Seal Lynx Point Snow and his birthdate is 12/7/21.  He has been genetically tested and been found negative in passing down any heredity diseases or deficiencies like PK Deficiency, PRA-B and PRA-CEP290. Charlie comes to us from Lanna's Savannahs in Oklahoma.  His dad is F6C Korben Dallas and his mom is F6 SBT Khaleesi, both of Lanna's Savannahs. Charlie is very active and extremely loveable.  His hobbies include playing fetch with his favorite paper ball, taking naps with his human mom, and spending time with Teekah.  

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