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We have 1 female and 2 males available. They are 6 months old. Contact us for more pictures.

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TICA registered Savannahs
Specializing in SBT F7 Savannah Kittens

Welcome To Simons Savannahs


Simons Savannahs are raised in our home. F7 kittens for sale are TICA registered and come with a one-year health guarantee. 


Proud member of TICA

"Your house will always be blessed with love, laughter, and friendship if you have a cat." 

- Lewis Carroll

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Why Savannahs?

Our family has fallen in love with the Savannah breed! Charlie and Teekah are loyal, active, playful and adventurous. They like to play in the water, which makes bathing so much easier. They will even wear a harness to go for a walk. (Can you picture it? A cat going for a walk!?)  

Charlie, the sire, is an F7 TICA registered Snow Savannah. Teekah, our queen, is a TICA registered brown, spotted Savannah. We shared many of their fun and quirky habits on the "Our Savannahs" page.

What are Savannahs?

Savannahs are a hybrid cat breed, the cross between African Serval cats and domestic cats. Generations closer to their African ancestry, have a more similar appearance and behavior to that of the original breed. Later generations, like our F6 and F7, are similar in weight to other domestic cat breeds and are milder in manner.


Our Savannahs still have an exotic look with their long necks and ears along with the trademark spotting on their fur. They also shed very little, which means they require less grooming.

These are just a few of the details. We will be sharing more of our adventures and what we are learning in our weekly blog. 

Join our Savannah adventures and learn with us along the way... 


These are common questions asked when learning about and considering the purchase of a Savannah cat.

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How much are Savannah kittens?

The price of Savannah kittens vary depending on the generation, traits and markings on the cat.

Read more on our blog.


Are Savannah cats legal?

Some states, like Oklahoma, allow the ownership of all generations, while other states restrict ownership to later generations. It's important to learn more about state laws when considering ownership of a Savannah. For more information, visit the Savannah Cat Association's current list.


Are Savannah cats hypoallergenic?

Although no breed of cat is 100% hypoallergenic, Savannah cats are known to fit the category better than many other breeds due to their short coat, lower shedding levels and lower dander production.

Image by Markus Winkler
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